Just a few kilometres from our finca, you will find one of the most incredible natural wonders of Mallorca, the magnificent Artá Caves.

The Artá Caves are located on the coast in the municipality of Capdepera, in the Cap Vermell, surrounded by mountains that tower over the sea. The caves have been visited since times gone by and it is very likely that the island’s primitive inhabitants knew of them, as did the various populations that later inhabited the island.

Going through the towering entrance, we gain access to the chamber known as the Vestibule or Entrance Hall, where countless stalactites with prodigious shapes and extraordinary proportions hang from the high arched roof. Tall stalagmites rise up gracefully from the floor. They vaguely resemble human forms, mysterious, motionless, rigid visions that are indifferent to human gazes, and have that imposing superiority of nature’s marvellous creations.

After descending the long flight of stone stairs that leads to the vestibule floor, we then take the path that leads to the Hall of Columns where the formations take on the impression of a Gothic interior, scattered with slender columns, graceful pointed arches, filigreed canopies and a thousand other breathtaking details.

After going down the seven or eight steps that lead to the Hall of Columns we cross the chamber following a path that then leads us through an opening into a large ellipsoidal chamber known as the Hall of the Queen of Columns, where a column some twenty-five metres in height can be contemplated.

Another of the chambers has been christened Hell, followed by The Glory, The Theatre, the Chamber of Flags and the Chamber of Bells.

Finally, by retracing the path we have followed from the beginning we return to the Vestibule, where daylight begins to filter through, until we reach the entrance, which affords views of the sea, sky and mountains.

The visit to the caves lasts between 35 and 40 minutes. Only one group can enter at a time, approximately every half an hour.

Guided visits in Spanish, French, English and German.

More info: http://cuevasdearta.com/en/